Selling Tips


The difference between presenting a property correctly or incorrectly can sometimes affect the sale price by up to 10% or More.

Experience tells us that sprucing your home is well worth the effort due to the positive impact on the price.

The One Agency team can ensure simple, cost effective methods to prepare your house for sale.

Inside The Property

• Remove clutter- storage boxes are a must!
• Invest in a new doormat
• A complete spring clean – scrub walls, skirting boards, floors, tiles, windows, light switches and fixtures.
• Freshen interior paint
• Check doors, windows, awnings and blinds all open and shut properly
• Use your best linen on the beds and best towels in the bathroom
• Ensure all light globes are in working order
• Have all carpets, lounges and curtains professionally cleaned

Exterior of The Home

• Wash down the external walls and clean gutters
• Clean driveway and paths
• Clean windows and entrance door
• Tidy garage
• Keep bins out of sight
• Ensure pool, ponds and water features are well cleaned and properly functioning
•Clean garden umbrellas and outdoor settings

The Garden

• Keep the lawn cut and edges trimmed
• Remove all weeds in the garden and turn over the soil
• Trim back trees and any overhanging plants
• Plant new flowers to add colour to the garden (try to match flowers to colour theme of house)
• Pot plants or tubs strategically placed around the house (on the veranda or patio) can look amazing.
• Repair any damaged fences
• Remove oil spills from the driveway
• Remove any garden clippings and rubbish

Inspection Day

• Keep all curtains and bedroom doors open maximizing natural light
• Give each room a quick tidy, empty bins and vacuum or sweep where necessary
• Utilise lamps and flowers to create a homely, welcoming atmosphere
• Manage the temperature of the rooms if possible – cool in summer, warm in winter
• Remove your valuables from the house
• Keep pets out of the house and if possible out of the garden
• Leave the property during the inspection

General tips

Keep It Simple
The main idea here is to maximise the appeal of the house without spending a fortune. The whole process shouldn’t cost you the earth and with the help of those close to you (family/friends) you should have the house.

Styling Your Home
Hiring a stylist can make all the difference. When selling your most important asset you want to ensure presentation of the home from front to back is covered to attract the widest buyer appeal. For an agreed fee an experienced stylist can temporarily replace your furniture and give the property a complete makeover.

Garden Delights
If your garden is beginning to look like a jungle hire a gardener to get it under control. The gardener will also know which plants and flowers will add to the overall appeal of the house.

Renovations can add significant value to a property but you can run the risk of overcapitalising. Interestingly enough many buyers are also looking for a ‘renovators delight’ style home so in some cases it is better off saving your money. Please talk to One Agency by Neil & Helena Mani before undertaking any major changes!

Have Fun
Most importantly try to enjoy the selling process. Avoid stress by being well prepared and use the people around you to help carry the work load.